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News and Updates about OpenSensors.IO

The Power of Apis

APIs are reshaping how companies do business. API were once the domain of software engineers, but it has grown to affect all levels of companies.

What is an API?

An API is a set of clearly defined methods of communication between various software components. A good API makes it easy to get at your data, combine with other data as well as enable any number of systems to ‘talk’ to each other easily.

Why are APIs important?

APIs are important for interpretability. Deployed sensors and sensor networks are going to this part of the infrastructure of the building for a long time. If the data only goes from the sensor into a black box, you don’t have any built-in flexibility. For example, ensuring the sensor data not only can you see the visualizations but you can also integrate it with the existing CAFM System. The same data can also be integrated into the existing meeting room booking systems and building security systems enables a lot of flexibility. Benefits of an API:

  • Freedom from vendor lock-in – access to data
  • Better security – What that means is that the more people who can see and test a set of code, the more likely any flaws will be caught and fixed quickly.
  • Customizability
  • Flexibility
  • Interoperability – Our list of current integrations is always growing. Contact us to see if your system can be linked together
  • Auditability
  • Try before you buy – do a pilot of 5 devices before you rollout to a large scale deployment

A closed system can be damaging long-term and expensive. In closed systems, your data is lock up. Customers of such vendors are at the mercy of the vendor’s vision, requirements, dictates, prices, priorities, and timetable.

More about the OpenSensors APIs

Open Sensors API’s enable you to extract data either by project, location, organizational departments, types of sensors, types of messages and so forth. We have integrated with many CAMF systems, meeting room booking systems, and building security systems. It is an ever growing list, and we have many other integrations on our road map. It is possible to built integrations with your visualization systems or use our canned visualizations. They can also see the data within our systems, but it’s really targeted at enabling flexibility and multi-purpose use of the data.

OpenSensors has an open data mission

The hardware is expensive; implementation is hard. Unless the data is used by multiple systems effectively you are going to have to have a different use for the same data within the building. With closed systems, you’re going to have to re-deploy the same sensors for that specific data. This does not make sense to us. Our basic mission it’s just making these data sets easily accessible. Whether that’s private data or open data, we want you to collect the information once and make it re-useable and interoperable with all your different systems that you are using.

Our systems are similar to the electrical voltage standards that allow you to purchase any appliance and plug them in and it delivers power to your device. Open Sensors allow you to plug in the different devices and extract the data as needed. Our API allows your applications to connect and extract the data it needs. The data is no longer locked away in a proprietary system. You are no longer at the mercy of one vendor.

By harnessing the power of data aggregation across smart building ecosystem, every stakeholder wins. Over and over again, we’ve seen that enriching the experience of all parties (business – agent – customer) generates a higher degree of success.

About Open Sensors

OpenSensors aggregates data from sensors for the next generation of smart building management systems. Our dashboards help you manage and make effective use of your office space. Our team has helped more than 100 companies combine data from sensors and interoperate with existing systems for a full view of your business.